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Erkunde Strolch, Gebaut Automuseum und noch mehr!

Progress Strolch 175, Baujahr 1956, Motor mit 175ccm und 9PS, Vmax.90Km/h, ca.14.000 Stück wurden in Oberkirch/Baden gebaut, Automuseum Schramberg, Mai 2012

Japanese custom scooter --

DKW Hobby Roller Baujahr 1956 ( mit Tüv 10/2014 )

DKW 1956

Achilles (Germany 1952-1954) #scooter

IWL Pitty, one of the rarer German scooters, had a 123 cc engine with a 3 speed floor shift transmission. IWL was based in the southern suburbs of Berlin, the Russian sector and had four models. First, the Pitty which was built in 1955 and 1956. In 1956 was, it was replaced by a redesigned scooter, the Wiesel SR 56 which was replaced in 1959 by the Berlin Roller SR 59, the best selling of the IWL scooters. The unfortunately named "Troll” was the last of the IWL scooters.

NSU Lambretta,1951

Cezeta 506 Electric Scooter


Salsbury Scooter- Would love to have one!

1961 Manet Motor Scooter.