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Smile Of The Sunrise

Smile Of The Sunrise Painting - Smile Of The Sunrise Fine Art Print

violet purple art wall art original painting home decor acrylic painting landscape large art tree art cloud 36 x 30 x 1.5" Mattsart

Art wall art original painting home decor acrylic von mattsart

Smoky mountains art painting great smoky mountains blue ridge mountains art fog impressionist landscape painting - 56 x 22 diptych wall art

art abstract original painting seascape painting art by mattsart

Wasser, Elixier unseres Lebens!

Streetscape 1

Shape- the use of regular squares and rectangles overlapping one another in a conformed manner creates an image of a bustling NYC street. The bustling effect comes from the intense overlapping of the shapes- it also adds the effect that the buildings are being built/put together. The darker shapes give the piece depth and from a distance, dimension.

The detail in this is fantastic. It almost looks realistic despite the use of very simple geometric shapes.

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