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Erkunde Nikki Minaj, Outfit Ist und noch mehr!

Nicki Minaj: Welches Outfit ist ausgeflippter?

I just got $250,000 for a verse, nigga; This is one of my favorite nicki verses

EXCUSE???? Just because a band has tattoos and has a different fashion sense then u doesn't make them satanic!!! They are one of the sweetest people I know!!!

This stuff smells amazing!! I need to get a new one.

I have some I'd like to add, i really want to hear Garnet sing a softer song, something sweet, almost like a lullaby, also I'd like to hear Sardonyx and Opal get a chance to sing too, and Yellow Diamond needs to have an AMAZING villain song!

Part 2......that 4th wall break tho...and when she showed the clips from the previous episodes with the copyright from cartoon network OMG I lost it when I saw them

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