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Vocaloid - Rolling Girl - Hatsune Miku

Poor Sayaka... she was my favorite TT^TT

I hate you. Once I forgive you, you want me to forgive you again. Every time I forgive, you do the same mistake. Are you really really really like make me sad? Can you find other girl that you can make like me now? I'm tired...

Nash alexis

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Date A Live, Yoshino, Chibi Pictures

ADOPTED This is Laina. She is 16 and has been living in this abandoned house for nearly two years. Her family was wiped out in a massive storm near the bay where they lived. She ran away and his here but took the last flower in their yard. She keeps it safe, and is doing alright. She may need a little bit of rehabilitation. But Laina is still a good girl, but a child at heart. It's just buried by fear.<--------Why the hell do people do this?! Fucking weird man