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Erkunde Jr S Eisen, Superhelden-Kader und noch mehr!

Just two Avengers playing with themselves || Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr. || Interview || 500px × 455px || #cast

Marvel: The Avengers - Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr.: Not the best guy, but he's REALLY FUNNY!!

There is no difference. || Robert Downey, Jr. || 387px × 663px || #cast #humor

How does Iron Man go to the bathroom? || Robert Downey Jr. || Interview || 500px × 495px || #quotes

Meeting Celebrities || Robert Downey, Jr. || 620px × 998px || #cast

Pepper's with a guy like Tony who's done everything and everyone || Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr || Iron Man 3 Interview || 500px × 497px || #cast #pepperony


Robert Downey Jr on

Robert Downey Jr. on Twitter: "Civil War? #AgeofUltron #PressTour @chrishemsworth @ChrisEvans"