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Back in the days.... In 1997, Sisikon at Lake Lucerne is still free of any noise protecting walls. In 1997, SBB is not spilt up between "Cargo" and "Personenverkehr". In 1997, locomotives can be seen in front of all kind of trains. In 1997, there were no italian built trains running over Gotthard route. In 1997, Re 6/6 11686 is pulling it's Eurocity with italian coaches from Zürich to Milano, passing Sisikon and soon will climb the northern ramp of Gotthard.

Crazy Fast Trains TR-07 – Germany The TR-07 was a German maglev train which ran from Hamburg reaching a speed of 270.3 mph in 1989. Its noise level was very much reduced owing to the engine design. Transrapid is a German monorail which is presently amongst the quickest of all the trains in the world. It is run by magnetic levitation. During its trial, the train was able to reach speed up to 450 km/hour. The newer and latest versions even reach a speed of over 500 km/hour.