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Legendary style, modern diesel short brim hat, full 1980's purple sleeve jacket. Classic

Tato alter ego: property manager/landscaper. Belt not necessary.

Funeral Potatoes

So we kind of have this unspoken rule around OBB that we don’t have recipes with Cream of Something soup in them. And I totally adhere to that in my own cooking 99.9% of the time–it’s just not my thing, you know? However, there are times and places and sometimes there are rules that need to be broken. The time is now. The place is here. I give you…Funeral Potatoes. Believe it or not, “Funeral Potatoes” is not actually their …

"Tomas! People think I'm too old to be eating like a horse" "I'm gonna die soon anyway, don't matter anymore" Guaranteed to live past 100

Tying to look like Tato pose... Almost there...

Wine from his exact town in Italy. No idea why he looks so sad lol

Tato with my Beautiful little neice

Ari and Tato Ages: 1 and 81