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D.W. Miller - Lunaspis

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The armoured fish Dunkleosteus that existed about 360 to 380 million years ago by Douglas Henderson

In a fresh water lake of the Permian, is pursuing a 3m long Orthocanthus a 1 m long Xenacanthus.

Eryops and Xenacanthus by Doug Henderson: “The scene depicts the large amphibian Eryops lunging from a muddy lake bottom to capture a freshwater shark, Xenacanthus, during the Permian in Texas, some 275 million years ago. A smaller amphibian, a Trimerorhachis, swims in the foreground. ”

Ichthyornis - Rudolph Zallinger

Tylosaurus may have ruled the Late Cretaceous seas because all other would-be competitors, such as ichthyosaurs, were already extinct. Though they evolved from terrestrial lizards, the paddle-like limbs of giant mosasaurs like Tylosaurus were useless on land.

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