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Peter Thiel: "Stolz, schwul und Republikaner zu sein" - Wirtschaft - Sü

Technischer Fortschritt: Das Gute am Monopol "Wettbewerb bedeutet Gewinn für keinen, dafür einen ständigen Kampf ums Überleben", sagt Peter Thiel, Investor im Silicon Valley

Peter Thiel is a true hero of the life extension movement. Thiel has given MILLIONS of dollars to SENS Research Foundation and sponsored anti-aging scientists like Laura Deming. Being someone who wants to live forever Peter Thiel has good reasons to endorse Trump in this election. Thiel understands that Trump's policies would boost free market capitalism and lower regulations on private industry. The current government with all it's regulations and bureaucracy is massively slowing…

Lystable adds Max Levchin to the list of investors backing its gig economy SaaS Helping businesses better manage gig economy workers is turning out to be a pitch withseriouspulling power for Lystable the UK startup which closed an$11 million Series A this summer led by Peter Thiels Valar Ventures following fastfromits $3.5M seed round last year which Thiels fund also participated in. Lystable has also this year relocated its HQ from London to SF. Now the startup which was also a finalist…

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The EU Wants Its Member States to Make Nice With Uber and Airbnb

The EU Wants Its Member States to Make Nice With Uber and Airbnb. A new proposal could be great for the sharing economy.

bez - Silicon Valley controla la libertad de prensa a golpe de talonario

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The Year in Uber scandals: A surge-priced cruise through the company’s biggest controversies

••UBER Controversies•• 2014 was the year investor Peter Thiel called Uber the “most ethically-challenged company in Silicon Valley" - Salon article 2014-12-24 • despite being one of the success stories of the sharing economy in 2013/14 it has suffered from endless string of scandals/PR disasters...i.e. surge pricing tactics + sexual assault + client abuse + unfair fare cuts to drivers + anti-competitive + anti-journalist + anti-regulators etc.

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Revolution in Progress: The Networked Economy

The Networked Economy promises to transform just about every aspect of how people live and work. | Three Questions — and Answers — About the Networked Economy What exactly is the Networked Economy? It’s an emerging type of economic environment arising from the digitization of fast-growing, multilayered, highly interactive, real-time connections among people, devices, and businesses. ­ What’s driving the Networked Economy? Over the past decade, the world has seen significant changes in how…

Tyler Cowen dedicated his book, The Great Stagnation to Peter Thiel, calling him “an acute observer of our modern economy.” In the March/April edition of The American Interest, author of The End of History and the Last Man, Francis Fukuyama discussed a wide range of topics with Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Peter Thiel.