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Erkunde Das Mit, Und Einer und noch mehr!

I could maybe get my husband to wear his style of tunic; maybe with narrower trews. The Vikings by Steffe, via Flickr

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Rabe Falcon Blackbird Owl Wings benutzerdefinierte Vogel Umhang OOAK gemalt

Raven Falcon Blackbird Owl Wings Custom Bird Cloak OOAK Painted

The electors of Saxony appear to have been the only German princes in the sixteenth century to outfit their bodyguards with matching equipment. The guards' helmets are etched and gilt on one side with the coat of arms of the dukedom of Saxony and on the other side with the crossed swords that signify the duke's office as archmarshal of the Holy Roman Empire

The Descent of Ishtar to the Underworld To the place where those who enter do not depart, to the road whose journey does not end, to the house where those who enter are deprived of light, where dust is their sustenance, clay their food… Written in Akkadian, this tablet from the famed library of Ashurbanipal, the last Neo-Assyrian king, tells the mythological story of the goddess Ishtar’s descent to the underworld. Upon her arrival, she finds its first gate shut and threatens to break it down…

Goddess Brigid, Imbolc :- One of the triple Goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. She is the Celtic Goddess of Water, Springs and Fire along with Healing,  Crafts and Metal working