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It's been a year since I sat down at the board. Those who know me. Know the takeover is real. #DigitalKingpins #OverTimeGrind I'm a master planner. I took a year off from promo. Rap. Beats. Just sat back and observed the game. #itsTime

If you can relate this is how business is ran. I came from the Zips Zones QBs 8ths and 16s like bars. What I've learned from being in business for myself is its the same mentality. I've watched club owners real estate owners car lot owners buy and flip to make the money fit. They hustle might be a car a house clothes whatever. Get some hustle in your life. You need the motivation? Google: Hustle Season by I Double L (OverTimeGrind) it's the blueprint.

Nobody believed in me. That's a real story. They believed in the music. But the music isn't why I do it. They believe in the promo the promo isn't why I do it. They didn't believe that I could do it with no schooling no help (lawyers and partners)... it's hard for people to conceive that you might wake up one day with a plan for your legacy your family your friends your life. #OverTimeGrind is my life's work. I'm dedicated to an extent I'm crazy. I'm so crazy I know we are going to be a…

For real. But its #OverTimeGrind #OTG

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