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Erkunde Fotografen, Genus Telipogon und noch mehr!

von the Guardian

2014 Wildlife photographer of the Year

Underwater Species finalist Little squid by Fabien Michenet (France)


The Coconut Octopus or veined octopus, found in tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean

Another look at the ever popular Venezuelan poodle moth. This moth was first discovered and photographed in 2009 and is believed to be a new species. It's thought to belong to the lepidopteran genus Artace. this is absolutely adorable!!


Radiolarians of Podocyrtis (Lampterium) Radiolaria are amoeboid protozoa that produce intricate mineral skeletons. They are found as zooplankton throughout the ocean, and their skeletal remains cover large portions of the ocean bottom as radiolarian ooze.