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EPA Pollution Disaster Planned? Seattle Advances Gun Control And More

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Orlando Is My City. And I'm Sick Of This Sh*t

Orlando Is My City. And I'm Sick Of This Sh*t SPREAD THE WORD

Clearly the heart of all our problems...


MT @jstines3: Congress CANNOT VOTE away and President CANNOT SIGN away OUR RIGHTS! #WakeUpAmerica #COSProject #PJNET

Obama urgently asks $3.7 BILLION for border crisis - President Barack Obama appealed to Congress on Tuesday for $3.7 BILLION in emergency spending to deal with the immigration crisis on the nation's southern border, thousands in a human drama that's causing a political storm in Washington and beyond. JUL 8, 2014 BS OBAMA MADE THIS SITUATION ON HIS OWN AND HAS NOT ADDRESSED IT ONCE UNTIL NOW... WHY SHOULD THE TAXPAYERS KEEP PAYING FOR HIS MESSES!!! GET HIM OUT!!!! AND SEND THEM HOME!!!!