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Pot Schuboj, ein tolles Rezept aus der Kategorie Snacks und kleine Gerichte. Bewertungen: 12. Durchschnitt: Ø 4,1.

Russischer Nudelauflauf (Rezept mit Bild) von nudelliebe |

Chunky Eggplant Vegetable Spread

Chunky Eggplant Vegetable Spread.

Mango & Tomato: Barefoot Contessa's Vegetable Tian

Shuba with Salmon, a twist on Herring Salad

Shuba ( салат шуба)means fur coat. This salad looks like one, hence the name. Originally this salad is made with herring. I know many people are turned off by the herring, while others love it. I used to be able to eat it until one...

Russian Cucumber Radish Salad Recipe

Russian Cucumber and Radish Salad with Sour Cream, Lemon, Green Onion, and Dill Dressing (mixed dressing ingredients separately first)

Georgian Food - Imeretian Cheese

Russian Beet Salad by Yelena Strokin, via Flickr @Cooking Melangery

Chicken Salad with Gorgonzola, Walnuts, and Figs

Chicken Salad with Gorgonzola, Walnuts, and Figs Recipe - Quick From Scratch Italian | Food & Wine

Cucumber, Russian Pickling

Cucumber, Russian Pickling OG. Early maturing smooth green pickling cucumber with a delicious sweet flavor and good crunch.