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Erkunde Projekt Dress, Klubu und noch mehr!

Trying to grasp how to use his new light power/magic.

Water Mage at a festival. Using her powers for art instead of as a weapon. #Trilogy

Oneirokinesis/Dreamscaping/Dream Manipulation: User can enter and manipulate the dreams of oneself and others, including modifying, suppressing, fabricating, influencing, manifesting, sensing, and observing dreams as well as nightmares, daydreams, etc. Sometimes the user can even unlock their hidden powers, or even commune with the dead. The user can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming, entrap people in REM, and promote spiritual/emotional healing within dreams.

Photo *** by Светлана Беляева on 500px

Particle Energy Manipulation/ Molecular Energy Manipulation : User can create, shape and manipulate the energy of atoms, molecules and subatomic particles.

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