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Erkunde Fauler Baum, Feuer Schlecht und noch mehr!

Vampires. Always thinking with their teeth.

Anya and Giles talking about Buffy bot

BTVS Spike and Faith If I were Buffy I'd be jealous of Faith too. Because Faith has superpowers too, and she's still a just a bad girl.

'Ted' with John Ritter... great episode.

Angel: Why am I not on fire? Hey, I'm not on fire! Can everybody just notice how much fire I'm not on? Let's start gathering branches, brush, anything that'll cover the car. Hey, look, there's some over in that patch of sun. I'll get 'em. #Angel

Another "cool brother" moment between Spike and Dawn < always loved their relationship

Andrew's epic reunion with Spike.Andrew was a fanboy, through and through. Lol

Now, if you'll excuse me.