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Hannes Jaenicke zu Besuch im VIER PFOTEN Grosskatzenrefugium LIONSROCK

Ian somerhalder. What people don't know is that he's an amazing man. He's down to earth and has a passionate heart for charity. He cares about animals and people and humanity. He's not just a pretty face, he's an earthly angel helping those in need. So please, don't repin cause he's beautiful, repin cause of what he stands for and to get the word out about his Thanks, ~~~amber

Loriot. Ein Leben ohne Mops ist möglich - aber sinnlos.

Zu viele Verbindungen

Audrey Hepburn in France photographed in 1957 by Sam Shaw

(( Fc: Amanda Seyfried )) "Hi there!" I wave with a smile. "I'm Sophie, the 18 year old daughter of Alice. You know, the one from wonderland. My father left me, so my godfather, the mad hatter, was my guardian when my mom was away (which was a often). I like to believe I'm just as goofy and out of my mind as he is. I love cats, chocolate, and tea parties. Oh! And I'm single. Introduce?"

Imagen de game of thrones, dragon, and got

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