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Erkunde Kurve, Paar und noch mehr!

A pair of shoemaker´s tongs slim and bend

3615. Make your own gillies.

Cordwhatnow?: A layman's guide to shoemaking tools and terms (Blog post from the School of the Renaissance Artisan)

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Shoemaking, Tim Skyrme lasting a shoe by hand, part 1 - YouTube

Pattens - wood soles for wet weather. St. Thomas guild - medieval woodworking, furniture and other crafts: Making wooden pattens

Super helpful lasting videos! Tim Skyrme, shoemaking: oberleder über die Kappe ziehen und Zwicken mit Faltennageln

"How-to" cut out roman boots. ---"Most of the work to make these shoes is cutting with only a very small amount of stitching at the back of the heel."

shoemaking tutorials for hand welting