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Erkunde Anna, Mauthausen und noch mehr!

Odsłonięcie pomnika śmiałe Mauthausnerin Anna Pointner - - Perg -

Anna Pointner z ocalałych Hiszpanów przed jej kamienicy - - Perg -

Anna Malinová with her daughter. Like her friend Marie Kovárníková, she helped the paratroopers. She was widow and was, allegedly, in relationship with Jozef Gabčík. Anna sheltered him at her home after the assassination till his shelter in the crypt. She was executed in Mauthausen

Page from Mauthausen death book. 24.10.1942. These are only some names of 254 executed relatives and helpers of the paratroopers: Marie Opálková, auntie of Adolf Opálká, who was like a mother to him, Jitka Kubišová, youngest half-sister of Jan Kubiš, Anna Malinová and Marie Kovárníková, helpers and lovers of the assassins, two women of same name - Liboslava Fafková (mother and daughter), Čalounová Anna (Letenská), famous comic actress, she was very remotely connected with that affair.

My Grandfather (mother's father), Heinrich (von) Klingenberg, was a blonde hair/blue eye Austrian officer who was the bookkeeper for the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. My oma/his mother was Anna Fischer, a personal cook to Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild. Heinrich had a child with German army nurse, Greta and he fathered a child named Reinhardt. My Grandfather has not been found after the war.

The Gestapo were told enough to lead them to the pre-war residences of Lt. Horák and Lt. Stříbrný – in Lidice. ‘Enhanced interrogation techniques’, then, as now, make people lie; you would say anything to end the pain. Although it soon became evident that this was a false lead, the fate of Lidice had been decided. And Anna Maruščáková and Václav Říha were executed in Mauthausen on October 24, 1942.

Student artwork from the Terezin deportation scene of the Holocaust documentary, Misa's Fugue (

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