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by Ernst Haas. this picture has inspired me when taking pictures in gunwharf, i will try to recreate a picture like this, with a shadow of a building on a building.

Modern Building reflecting older building. Contrast of old and new through reflection. Angles obscuring the older building, interesting effect. This Picture has inspired me to use reflections from builings around Gunwharf Quays.

He explored the art element and principle: Line, Pattern/ Rhythm

London 1951 Photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Pavement II, NYC, 1962 © Ernst Haas - "Beware of direct inspiration. It leads too quickly to repetitions of what inspired you." ~ Ernst Haas

By Anna Hawes The sun coming through from the background onto the boat and the water lightens up the whole shot making the water shin more but also the horizon has a nice gold looking colour

von taxistogatwick

Fireworks over Gunwharf Quays, #Portsmouth book a trip

Fireworks over Gunwharf Quays #Portsmouth book a trip