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Vurbarra maneuvers during Hitler's state visit. (R) to (L) Frank (reading), unidentified, Himmler, (prob.) Ribbentrop, Hess 1938

Nur Blondi darf aufs Foto: Hitler hatte genaue Vorstellungen davon, welche...

Color photo of Hitler and Himmler in the Obersalzberg - A good example of "La banalità del male" of Annah Arendt.

Göring's house from the adjacent hill, the highest point on the Obersalzberg. This photo shows Göring's swimming pool.

On the Obersalzberg in January, 1935. Hitler is shown with Erna Hoffmann and others, including Fritz Wiedemann. Note Hitler wearing his wool vest, only worn at the Berghof.

Himmler and Bormann share a joke on the terrace of Hitler's mountain retreat, spring 1943. Foreign Ministry liaison to Hitler's Chancellery, Walter Heuvel, shares the alughs. In the background is Hitler's dentist Hugo Blaschke.

On the right is a similar view of the site of Göring's house, taken in 2001 before the construction of the hotel on the hilltop. The circular water filled depressions in the center and right foreground are bomb craters remaining from the April 1945 attack. The hotel construction has radically changed this site - the view below from a similar perspective was taken after the hotel construction.