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Coole Theorie, was IOU wirklich bedeutet hat. Mega cool!!! Allein die Arbeit die für diese Theorie investiert wurde, RESPEKT!!!

"Guys. Guys. Guys. Just noticed this. The lady on the jury, that Moriarty threatened? Isn't she the cabbie's ex-wife? Aren't those their kids, just grown up a bit?? AREN'T THEY?!?"

Everyone needs to watch this gif a few hundred times.

Season 4 cliffhanger: Oh, fuck Moriarty?

Dying for season 3. The trailer made the wait worse!!! Dying I tell you!

Hahaha » I think we'd have this conversation in our family <-- Cas gets to pick the music when Dean gets around to educating him in good music :)

You're lying if you say you didn't sing this to the tune of the song. I am not a liar I totally sang this! <-- And this is a fine example of why I love this fandom!