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One time I went to the market and my face was covered, but I forgot and tried to eat a banana through the burka. It wasn’t terrible just because of the burka; we had a lot of terrible times. We weren’t allowed to go out, so at home I wrote some poems and articles to keep my mind busy, but I don’t know where to start about women’s problems in my country’. Kabul, Afghanistan

Pakistani Girl - Inspired by Steve McCurry’s “Afghan Girl” (National Geographic). by Ali Khataw


There's More To McCurry Than 'The Afghan Girl'

this has always made me so very sad. She was so very very beautiful, then the pains and terrors and hard living of Afghanistan ruined that pretty face...

Hazara People Hazara people are a turkic ethnic group living in Afghanistan. There are also Hazara communities in Pakistan, Iran, India, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Hazara people have faced genocide and violence often having to flee from there homeland in Afghanistan.