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In pairs ask questions re school. Move up and down the board. Thanks to for the basic template.

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French weather project and presentation

If you are teaching the weather expressions in French 1 or exploratory French, you are probably trying to find some ways to make it fun!This French weather project and presentation allows you to assess written and oral skills while bringing French geography and culture into your classroom.Students are asked to create a map of France on a posterboard.

Great for reaction words lesson: flavors of "no" in French

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Écriture sans préparation (French Writing prompts) Moi, ma famille

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French Speaking Activity with Food Vocabulary

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An Education - Paris - wonderful film and soundtrack

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French Dialogues using JOUER À + FAIRE DE (Reading and Speaking Practice)

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Séquence : la fable animalière – CM2 | la maîtresse a des yeux dans le dos