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Erkunde Nomadenfrauen, Iranische Volk und noch mehr!

Bakhtiyari Nomad Women in their traditional colorful Dresses.

Traditional Turkmen Girl von Manfred Vaeth Beautiful Woman #people, #pinsville, #women

An Iranian woman in 1960, before the Islamic Revolution

Iranische Nomadenfrauen - Qashqai people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Prt3: Traditional and popular music comes from the taar. It is an instrument that creates folk/traditional/classic music. This instrument it traditional in Norway because it created folk music which is all about culture. Norway also has other types of music for younger people for example teenagers. This type of music is very much like the one here. Norwegian popular music is Norwegian jazz and black metal artists, then followed by electronica and pop artists. This is a picture of a taar.

The Shah and Empress Farah of Iran, and their children at their coronation, wearing the royal jewels.

Uh Oh, I didn't mean to eat the last muffin!

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