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18 beautiful Images of traditional Talysh Clothes. The Talysh are ethnic Iranians and speak the Northwestern Iranian Language Talysh. The total Speakers of this Language are 2 Millionen People. A Number of 500.000-750.000 Talysh People lives in Iran.

Interesting Fact: The both Languages Ossetic and Yaghnobi are the only living Northeastern Iranian Languages.

Iranian University Students in the 1970s.

Sanskrit und Avestisch sind die Vorgängersprachen aller indo-iranischen Sprachen. 150 Millionen Menschen sprechen eine dieser iranischen Sprachen. Hinzu kommen noch 30-50 Millionen Menschen (leider gibt es keine genaue Zahl), die eine dieser Sprachen als Zweit- oder Drittsprache sprechen. Quelle:Wikipedia

Kurdish Village Girls from Iran in beautiful colorful traditional Dresses and Headgears. Photographer: Omid Farrokh

Kurdish Old Man With Traditional Clothing, Howraman, Iran | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Gilaki people in traditional clothes. The Gilani people or Gilaks are an Iranian people native to the northern Iranian province of Gilan.