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Tom Hiddleston... I'm starting to think he may be the most perfect male specimen there is.

Inside Lokis Mind - Tom Hiddleston MindScan

THAT FACE. That is the face of adorableness.

26 Times Tom Hiddleston Made You Wish He Were Yours In 2014

Mmm Tom,Es Ist Tom,Ben Tom,Tom Hiddleston Wunder,Tom Hiddleston Meine,William Hiddleston,Où Tom,Tom Chris,Bloody Tom

uh....I think most of you missed the part where there is a bad boy DRAWER! I want to know what else is in there besides pants!!! (gifset)

TOM SINGING!!!!! NOT A DRILL REPIN EVERYWHERE HIDDLESTONERS!! I SAW THE LIGHT Movie Clip - Movie It On Over (2015) Tom Hiddleston, Eli...

Only Lovers Left Alive - Tom Hiddleston Interview