Erkunde Heiligen Könige, Drei Heiligen und noch mehr!

Verwandte Themen durchstöbern

Artist: Huber, Wolfgang, Title: »Kindheitsgeschichte Christi«, Anbetung der drei Heiligen Könige, Date: ca. 1530

Artist: Solis, Virgilius the Elder, Title: Schutter, Date: 1524-1562

Gutting a hare; from Hans Burgkmair, early 16th century

Artist: Schäufelein, Hans Leonhard, Title: Zwei Trommler und ein Pfeifer, Date: ca. 1515

German Landsknechts & Knights, c. 1520

1510 Print made by: Albrecht Dürer. Keyn ding hilfft fur den zeytling Todt / Darumb dienent Gott frwe und spott. (Nothing can prevent an early death, therefore serve God from dawn to dusk) Fragment of a broadside on the death of a soldier; with a woodcut showing an enclosed graveyard, on the l a skeleton holding an hour-glas towards a soldier, standing on the r, and in letterpress two lines of title above the image. 1510 Woodcut and letterpress

Artist: Schäufelein, Hans Leonhard, Title: Pyramus und Thisbe, Date: ca. 1510

1530 - 1550 - Print made by Monogrammist RB (after Durer) - St Christopher; frontal view, moving to r foreground; the saint looking at the nude Christ Child, his l arm lifted to support the child; the hermit in l background. Engraving

Three musician soldiers, the one at the right plays a flute. c.1510-20. Drypoint

The Church of Antichrist; the right half of the lower portion of a block previously used for a title border for the Nuremberg Bible of 1530. A group of people seated around a table playing cards and eating. Behind them a swordfight and an amorous couple. Woodcut

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