Erkunde Meine Genesung, Zitronen und noch mehr!

jpp - Mitbringsel heiße Zitrone / Gute Besserung / Lemon Sip Goodie / get Well / Stampin' Up! Berlin / Vollkommene Momente / Noch ein Tässchen / Have a Cuppa

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I am gentle, kind and comforting to my inner child as we uncover and release the old, negative messages within us~

"Big sins almost always start with small compromises. Playing footsie with sexual temptation is never worth it." -Girl Defined

For most people, this is true. Lies for the 1% of people who are jerks/assholes/bitches.

Did You Cry When You Realized You Needed Hysterectomy? | Emotion Health - Grief - Depression HysterSisters Article

Hope is a way to unsolved-able issue that can make you do beyond your limits :) if there is a hope, there is a way

Would that be the same as a 'Beautiful Mess'? ;) Absolutely love Jason Mraz

what you thought was real

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