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6 Tips for Families Dealing With Schizophrenia

Part of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia --- "negative" symptoms: what are they?

About half of people with schizophrenia don't believe they are ill and don't want treatment.

What’s Schizophrenia Like? A Woman Who Hears Voices Explains It Beautifully.

Eleanor Longden began hearing voices in her head when she was a young college student. Her experiences are both horrifying and hopeful. In this talk, Eleanor starts by detailing the long, dark struggle she endured after a schizophrenia diagnosis. Then, at 5:39, her doctor makes a shocking assessment of her illness and her likelihood of being cured. At 7:26, she explains how the voices in her head actually provided the insight she needed to solve her problems. And at 10:08, she…

This is a sensitive and insightful look into the personal experience of schizophrenia. The woman who created it deserves praise for her courage to share her experience and to increase understanding.

This Is What Schizophrenia Can Actually Sound Like

To get an idea of what auditory hallucinations can sound like, you can listen to this audio sample. | This Is What Schizophrenia Can Actually Sound Like

Schizophrenia: Stolen minds, Stolen lives - YouTube 50:01

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5 Tips For Living With Schizophrenia