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Smith - Squad Shadow Purple Creature Goggles, Red Sensor Mirror Lenses

Wolfgang steals mirrors, takes them to his castle, and then breaks then when he can't stand looking at himself.

What if your reflection is not actually you, but in fact it’s a demonic creature watching and waiting. Each time you visit the mirror it get’s stronger, it learns better how to mimic you, how to be you. When it’s ready it will emerge from the mirror devouring you and taking your place. - Creepy spooky stories to give you nightmares

Badmöbel Set aus Massivholz-Spiegelschrank mit seitlichen Schubladen-Ethnicraft

Perfektes Alltags Make-up

Mondlicht glänzen Halskette von Shadecraft auf Etsy

These 2-Sentence Horror Stories Will Give You Nightmares For 2 Weeks

Portal Interface: The power to interact with portals (mirrors, lakes/rivers, mist/fog, energy, etc.). sers of this ability can interact with portals which includes interacting with a specific area or location without physically being present.