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Das Krankenhausinformationssystem Soarian Clinicals verbessert die Effizienz von Krankenhausmanagement und Gesundheitsmanagement.

Futuristic iPad - Tony Stark uses tech like this (but with more...him). I never quite understood it though. I mean, everyone can see what I'm doing. How can I convince someone I'm getting a call? Or secretly shop for birthday presents in public? Or do all those other things I managed before I had a phone? XD

With Totally Integrated Automation, the requirements of efficient configuration, faster integration, and commissioning can all be effectively realized.

The future of the Middle East depends on energy solutions. The region must become more energy-efficient in order to meet future demands.

The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf uses the Siemens solution Soarian Clinicals, which provides bundled patient information.

Siemens is continuously developing the company’s turbines to improve their efficiency.

Blackberry phones NEWT™, the business services division of Fibernetics, provides high-value telecommunications saving businesses up to 80% on their current telecom costs. #BusinessFibernetics

iPhone Emulator: View How Websites Would Appear On An iPhone [Chrome]

Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative INFOGRAPHIC: Why should an everyday homeowner care that the smart grid can increase the U.S. electric grid’s efficiency by 9 percent? And what does that amount to in terms of energy and monetary savings? We created the following infographic to highlight visually those savings and what they actually mean to consumers.

Renewable Energy: Making the planet cleaner and greener!