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Erkunde Stoff Schmie, Lieblings-Design und noch mehr!

BURIED IN FINE PRINT – The new patterns are waiting to be printed on ( Refine the fabric of your choice with your favorite design and look forward to your personal spring collection.

T-SHIRT EXTRA II – The second part of the pre-wintry t-shirt topic leads you to cool designs for everyone in the Plakateum (

MUSEO ROUNDABOUT - The result. See the pattern on

BITTER PILLS – Some new pattern designs were added to the category Abstramente ( Among others busy bees follow their collector’s passion and psychedelic moons blur in the sky above Alabama. Bitter pills to administer visually only raise your spirits in the category Retrometrie (

A WORKUP - Unorthodox Behaviour, one of my very first designs celebrates a comeback as a classy shirt.

INVASION OF THE CROCODILES - You will tremble. The dangerous reptiles are ganging up followed by their natural predator, the penguin, a flying carpet and other brand-new fabric patterns.

KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON – The shirts of this year’s spring represent timeless fall and winter styling. The underlying patterns “Nightshade” and “Cut Glass” are to be found in the categories Retrometrie ( and Abstramente (

T-SHIRT EXTRA - The winter did not arrive yet, nevertheless the first t-shirt designs for the next summer are ready. The early bird does not always catch the worm but it is first in time and therefore first in line. In this particular case the lines are garish, cool, trendy and large-sized. Sleeves for your upper body which put the cat among the pigeons. Have a look on

AFRICAN SURPRISE - On the engulfed trails across the Okavango delta.

SEASHELL SALAD – Enjoy a salad and other patterns based on macro shots from seashells ( as appetizer. As main dish I recommend fish (, as dessert a varied potpourri from Abstraments ( Afterwards turn on the television and relax looking at the test pattern ( Stay tuned!