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Ultimate summer activities lists and bored Jar lists

Tipps für gegen Langeweile - gesammelt in einem Weckglas *** Ultimate summer activities lists and bored Jar lists

Jennifer Lopez dress designer Donatella Versace 2000

♥MRH♥ (jackass,ryan dunn)

Really Big Inflatable Flamingo Pool Floatie

Pool-ready with these ultra-fun inflatable pool toys.

Teach Your Kids How to Cook by Age

This post will help you teach your kids how to cook by age.

Backyard Movie Night

Pass the popcorn! Learn how to host a blockbuster backyard bash, complete with movie trivia, popcorn bar, and a Hollywood-sized screen.

Telling vs Tattling

A great resource for teaching kids the difference between telling or tattling. Love it!

Do I hear 1,000?

Magnet chore chart. Had I thought of this, i'd have done it when my lil' boy was this age. its interactive, luv it