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Erkunde Und Rucola, Pflücksalat Und und noch mehr!

26.02.2015, Pflücksalat und Rucola

Kräuter- Unverträglichkeiten (schlechte Nachbarn) - Basilikum Beifuss Borretsch Dill Estragon Fenchel Gartenkresse Kamille Kapuzinerkresse Kerbel Koriander Kümmel Liebstöckel Majoran Melisse Meerrettich Paprika Petersilie Pfefferminze Rosmarin Rucola Salbei Schafgarbe Schnittlauch Sellerie Senf Sonnenblumen Thymian Weinraute Wermut Ysop

Rucola anbauen - So wird's gemacht

Die Pflücksalat-Sorten 'Hardy', 'Red Salad Bowl', 'Babyleaf' sind perfekt geeignet für den Anbau im Herbst.

Salade fleurie ,

Rucola anbauen - So wird's gemacht

Rucola, Tips zum Anbau im Garten

Zucchini Quinoa Salad with Microgreens

We just posted this to our recipe blog! Check it out! (from Gourmande in the Kitchen)

Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding

Buy locally. If you can, shop at farmers' markets or farm stands.Take your time. Handpicking items one by one instead of grabbing a plastic or netted bag doesn't cost more -- and the bags often include smaller, inferior produce.Avoid prefab. While convenient, bagged salads and precut produce are not as fresh. It takes only a few minutes to ready your own and the results are worth it.

This is perfect! We could do a design like this, turned horizontally, in a brighter green color, with white veins. Then my business name in hand-written style across the top "Wild Greens" and below it in smaller handwritten font "Health & Nutrition Consulting". LOVE

I wish I had a church like this. So pretty, like a little fairy tale cottage or something.

Beyond Baby Spinach: Study Says Microgreens Are The New Nutritional Powerhouse. Baby spinach and baby lettuce are de rigeur in every grocery store, but a new study says that even younger greens might give us more nutritional benefits. Enter microgreens. These tiny leaves that are less than 14 days old can provide people with lots and lots of nutrients, possibly even more than baby or full-size varieties of leafy greens. /Blisstree