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Erkunde Jpop, Anonym und noch mehr!


3. N AS N MI When VIXX became VIXXGIRLS for a SBS Chuseok special in 2013, it was Cha Hakyeon who caught everyone’s eye. Even fellow idols were drawn to “N Mi”’s charm, praising his beauty and asking him out when he tweeted the following selca!

ive had this happen one time<3 me and my cousin were in barnes and nobles and we were singing bts i need u and a girl and her friend were fans it was awesome lol

Fangirl problems< international fan girl problems

Please just someone who follows this motto "don't judge a book by its cover" and judges music by its language....... That's just straight up RUDE!

Omo exactly! People say "Why do you listen if you can't understand it?" It's because the music makes me happy.

Stop running away

True 😇

Why do people assume all Asians are Chinese in America? Maybe it's because we like our Chinese restaurants.

Thank you mr Kim as I have 6 more this week :))))