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Erkunde Fritz Gärtner, 1916 und noch mehr!

Parisien print

Parisien by blancucha

New poster – Tomato! | Fine Little Day

Gerta and Alfred Haller illustration. Poster for Barley Circus from an article on the best German posters of 1954 in Gebrauchsgraphik No. 8, 1955

The Man Who Invented the Future: Stunning Mid-Century Illustrations of Jules Verne’s Visionary Imaginings

by Peter P. Pasencia, inspired by Jules Verne. Holy crap! The surface of the water! The bubbles! The underwater cliffs, with the horizontal brush strokes across them, making an underwater scrim! Th divers, disappearing up into the underwater sky! The giant submarine! ALL IN GREYSCALE!!! Exploding head!! - sigh - ok. I'm done.