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Meine Tipps für ein Wochenende in Straßburg {Städtetrip | Meine Tipps für Straßburg // my travel tips for a trip to beautiful Strasbourg

I love traveling! I decided to create a spread for my travel planning map, where I write all the places I've been and all the places I'd like to visit. Eventually, I would like to put red dots on the map indicating the places I've traveled to. Hopefully my map will have lots of red dots!!! In order to get some inspiration for more exciting destinations to add to the list, I thought of asking you where are you from???? I'll start by saying that I'm from Greece, currently living in Cyprus.

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Vordergrund und Hintergrund kombiniert

"Matterhorn Delight" Pennine Alps, Switzerland | by nature-moments

Europe Travel Diary: A Visual Journal

Urlaubs tagebuch


One of my most requested posts/Videos is about my travel wall and how I made it. So I thought I'd go through it today and tell you exactly how I did it, it is super easy! Trust me, I am not a rocket scientist and I can do it, so you definitely will be able to!

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