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Reichsleiter der NSDAP ,Reichsorganisationsleiter-Vorsitzender der Deutschen Arbeitsfront (Leader of the German Labour Front) Dr. Robert Ley (Right) with Wife Inga Ley (White Dress)

Dachau, Gas Chamber Entrance - July 2012 The gas chamber was never used for it's intended purpose of mass extermination. The room was disguised as a shower room so prisoners would not refuse to enter.

the stunningly beautiful Inga Ley at a social event with other beautiful ladies.

putschgirl: “ Hitler, Robert Ley and Rudolf Hess in 1933. Ley was sober every February 29 (and that is only a slight exaggeration). ”

german soldier the little boy

WW1 German soldiers are seen next to a quick-firing anti-aircraft gun used mainly against low-flying airplanes.

German Red Cross nurse attending a wounded German soldier in hospital

Leni Riefenstahl and assistant behind the camera. Berlin Olympics, 1936 Photo by Lothar Rubelt