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Erkunde Abend, König und noch mehr!

Irische Autorin zerpflückt das Klischee: Deshalb sind wir keine Langweiler

German interview / review written by Roman Rey and published on Blick online and in the Blick am Abend newspaper.

Boring, crooked bankers? 10 Swiss myths, uncovered

PODCAST interview with Boring, crooked bankers? 10 Swiss myths, uncovered.

There’s no denying Switzerland is safe, runs like clockwork and is a tad rule-bound. But is it really that dull living here? The Local spoke to Clare O’Dea and discovered six ways in which the country is a lot livelier than many people assume.

Excerpt in The Weltwoche magazine in German on the theme of xenophobia, plus profile written by Markus Schär.

Radio interview with Anna Wirz of The English Show, RadioX, Basel.

A review of The Naked Swiss by Jennifer Lisle for

Investigating 10 myths about Switzerland

After more than a decade as a journalist in Switzerland, Clare O’Dea explains what motivated her to write a new book on the country, The Naked Swiss:

Oven Swiss Steak

Delicious vintage recipe with a twist - Oven Swiss Steak!

Voices: For Swiss, recycling is very serious business

In Switzerland, recycling is a very complex business.

Swiss Cheese Fondue Rustic Style - Traditional Cheese Fondue aus der Schweiz