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Reptilian aliens - Secret tape from skull and bones- The David Icke theory

CERN film "Symmetry" Exposed illuminati END OF TIME RITUAL (R$E)— Occult meaning of the CERN film & dance, Symmetry. The LHC "instrument", a "key" to the bottomless pit... -->Con #CERN

Die Abschaffung Deutschlands- Merkels Asylpolitik ist Verrat am Volk

UFOLOGIA - OVNIS ONTEM: NASA - Esconde ¨CIDADES¨ Inteiras em Marte!!

At the Door

Geister,Gruselig Unheimlich,Gruselige Dinge,Nehmen,Horrifying Creepy,Bizarre Gif,Disturbing,Spooky 1,Frightening Fun

Nordic Alien Race | Nordics most human looking slightly taller, extremely athletic in ...

Grey/Reptilian Face Deciphered On The Back of the U.S. Dollar Bill! EXCLUSIVE! | Space

Reptilian aliens - This is a good reference for me as I have an anthropomorphic lizard character