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Reptilian aliens - Secret tape from skull and bones- The David Icke theory

Dinosaurs still exist!!! Everything you've been told is a LIE!!! REAL LIVE DINOSAUR footage CAUGHT ON TAPE!

American Indians' history has been systemically whitewashed to benefit imperial European colonizers. Same as AFRICANS!!!

Ancient Hidden Technology (MUST WATCH). this guy really knows his stuff. good presentation

This picture really makes me think, is the information that we are getting true? If three corporations control all of those different aspects of media, how can you validate what they say when only three heads are controlling everything that is being put out. I believe that power should be disbursed evenly and shouldn't just be held to three different corporations. I think that's the way the fight corrupt media.

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2007 Lake Travis, Texas. #alien #aliens #ufos #paranormal