Gläser mit Namen

Grocery List on adding machine tape paper from office supply store. Just tear off when you're ready to shop!

Mason jar wall hanging for q-tips, brushes, tubes. Perfect for those who don't care for the messy bathroom drawer.

Chalkboard dipped wine glasses - what a fantastic idea!

Putting a glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns = GENIUS

Chalkboard paint!!! AWESOME

I would do this as Birthdays & Anniversaries, and list both. :) Hang it up in my bedroom!

A Little Chalk This One Up for Christmas Gifts! DIY: chalkboard paint on party glasses....that's how they do it! Much easier than painting and you don't get brush lines

Cinnamon sticks smell *AMAZING* tied around candles!

Dip wine glasses in paint for Holiday parties

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