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Erkunde Schwere Dragoner, 10 Hannover und noch mehr!

Band III #10.- Hannover: Englisch-Deutsche Legion. Schwere Dragoner. 1812.

Band III #24.- Hannover. Englisch-Deutsche Legion. Linien-Infanterie. Soldat der Zentrums-Kompanien: Grenadier. Offizier. Scharfschütz. Scharfschützen-Offizier. 1812.

Amb. 317b.2° Folio 42 recto Mendel Hausbuch Nürnberg Hans Koch - tailor died 1583

Band III #39.- England. Englische Garde-Infanterie. 1745.

fulling fabric in the 15th century with teasels. I never thought they'd actually have a use, but that would be a good use for them!

Band III #55. Württemberg. Würtembergische Offiziere. 1812.

Armorer, House Books of the Nuremberg Twelve Brothers Foundation, Nuremberg 1388. Dated to 1483.

Band III #53.- Hannover: Englisch-Deutsche Legion. Reitender Artillerist. Fuß-Artillerist. Ingenieur-Offizier. Offizier der Fuß-Artillerie. 1812.

Lantern Maker 1536 - "Description: The lantern makers sitting on his stool and soldered to a piston, which he heated in a brazier standing on the floor, the bottom of a round lamp. Various tools, a tin snips, chisel and awl lying on the station blocks, hammer and solder on the bench. At the bar six finished hanging lamps with handles." Amb. 317.2° Folio 155 verso

Band III #35.- Hannover: Englisch-Deutsche Legion. Offiziere vom 1., 2. und 3.Husaren-Regiment. Husar vom 3. Husaren-Regiment. 1813.