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Nahaufnahme eines Schranks aus METOD Elementen, u. a. aus METOD Wandschränken mit 2 KROKTORP Vitrinentüren und 2 Schubladen in Elfenbeinweiß

La haute décoration, en version 100m2

Dans la cuisine, des panneaux en argent massif martelé reflètent la lumière diffusée par le lustre en bronze Stilnovo vintage (Galerie Alexandre Goult).

"Curry sausage banana boat" - The bark of Charon, shipping You in a dark underworld. Tromp de l'oeil: the first thought was like "Oh god, curry sausage with whipped cream and chocolate sauce!" But this is actually curry sausage served in banana peel with vanilla-mashed-potatoes, horseradish-curry-cream and black-colored ketchup. Cherry on top is a cocktail tomato.

Pheasant with quail and sausage upon polenta - Sad proof that fine ingredients are by no means a guarantee for an appetizing meal.

citrus cured salmon . greek yogurt . sriracha marmalade via : foodstarz Founding Editor | EiC : Alexander ᴬᴰ

Sausage rolls in aspic - Wherever a sausage turns up, pickled cucumber and hard boils eggs aren't far.

Frozen anchovies cream - Is it a main course? Is it a dessert? Was it frozen to preserve this terrible idea to combine whipped cream and fish as a warning for future generations?

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