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How to Make authentic Lebanese pita bread

The pita bread at authentic Lebanese restaurants is to die for! It's the best part of Lebanese cuisine, so how to you make it? This video will share Dmitra "Dima" Khoury's family recipe for pita bread, perfect as any meal companion. While growing up in Lebanon, Dmitra helped her mother make 150 pita rounds per week for the family, carrying the dough to an aunt's house for baking! This dough takes time to rise but only 8-10 minutes to bake. High oven heat causes the rounds to steam and puff…

Baharat Aka Middle East Mixed Spices - the Real Mix

Baharat Aka Middle East Mixed Spices - the Real Mix - For anyone who desires an authentic taste of the mid east. This recipe was learned by watching a good friend of mine in Jordan when she was grinding her family's monthly supply.

Mercimek Corbasi ~ türkische rote Linsensuppe

Insane in the Kitchen - der alltägliche Wahnsinn zwischen Börek und Köfte: Mercimek Corbasi ~ türkische rote Linsensuppe

Ich liebe Herausforderungen. Eine besteht darin, Zucchini derart zu verarbeiten, dass auch Aleksandar sie mag. Es ist nicht so, dass er sie von vornherein ablehnt, er findet sie einfach nur stinkla...

Basbousa - Semolina (Sooji) Cake with Rose Syrup - Fun and Food Blog

kubbat potato (Iraqi Cuisine potato

Vols au Vent Poulet Champignons - YouTube