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Erkunde Ewa Miarczynska, Andere Art D und noch mehr!

"The Lotus - Mandala Of Health" -Painting on board (mix technique: dry pigment, watercolor, ink, oil ) by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Watercolours and Oil on paper with canvas texture. Year Created: 2010

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Print By Anna Ewa Miarczynska

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Lotus flower awakening magic light dawn original watercolour oil painting transformation timeless nature floral handpainted yoga zen fineart

"Magic of Dawn" from the series "In the Lotus Land" by Anna Miarczynska

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Lotus flower twilight whispers secret silence mystery awareness timeless yoga zen original watercolour oil painting handpainted unique gift

"Twilight Whispers" from the series "In the Garden of Lotus" by Anna Miarczynska

from my studio: "In Search of the Lost Identity" and more... by Anna Miarczynska

"The Necklace" from the series "Freed Landscapes" by Anna Miarczynska

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Breath love kiss woman man boy girl couple romantic pair valentine marriage wedding erotic art drawing abstract realism watercolour painting

"A Breath of Love" by Anna Miarczynska