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What Is Roving?

Begriffe für verschieden aufgearbeitete Wolle auf englisch

Handgewebte Saori Stola,Poncho,Kuschelstola.Wollstola.Stola aus reine Schurwolle.Effektgarn Stola

Handwoven Saori Wrap ShawlSaori Large Wool von PastoralWool auf Etsy

Spinning Fiber Characteristics: Fiber Terminology

There are lots of new and specialized words for describing spinning fiber characteristics. How does a fleece get from the sheep to your wheel? What's the difference between carding and combing? Check out this overview of some useful and important spinning terminology.

Lavendelblau: Dying with walnut shells

yarn dying tutorial - understanding how striped yarn is made will help you avoid pooling

lavender blue: dyeing with privet berries

My new favourite place to buy my spinning yarn in bulk....great prices! (International shipping)

Natural Dye ~ Dying wool over a wood fire

Merino Wool/ Bamboo/ Tussah Silk Top (Roving) - Handpainted Spinning Fiber

4.0 oz of hand painted merino wool/ bamboo fiber/ tussah silk top (roving) spinning fiber. This roving is painted in shades of blue and green.

Dyeing Wool with Sun and Plants - How I did it by Mami Made It