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Kurland, Livland, Estonia, around 1560

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Senā Kursa. Curonian lands (Western Latvia) by the beginning of XIIIth century

Jadwiga and Jogaila (Wladylaw Jagiello) - stained glass' sketch for Wawel Cathedral, Krakow, 1900

Unknown source. It shows overlap between Latgallian (Baltic) and Liv (Finnic) peoples in northern central Latvia in 1250. Wenden (present-day Cēsis) is No.10. The Livonian Chronicle of Henry, 1206, describes the Vendi as "a submissive and impoverished people", who were baptized Catholic and allied themselves with the Brotherhood of the Sword, who built their masonry castle right next door to the Vendi hillfort. By this time the Vendi were perhaps already being assimilated into the…

Balti un kaimiņtautas 9.–11. gs.

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