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Erkunde Phteven Den Hund, Thunfisch Phteven und noch mehr!

OMG!! What's that noise i hear? Eeeek....eek..eeeek!!!! (think psycho bathroom scene) Phteven!

28 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

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My chi does this when I come home and he's so happy to see me! lol

Tuna The Dog With Dobby | Squirrel!! #whatatoodlebrain

Phteven's thelfie LOL I love this little dog! His real name is Tuna.

Ok sir. Now you're getting a little carried away. Halloween isn't until tomorrow and this is not apart of your costume anyway (although I mu...

Tuna melts our hearts

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine #tunameltsmyheart

I MIPH YOU... | Tuna, the "Phteven" dog