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Erkunde Gopro, Camping und noch mehr!

GoPro | X-GLOO 6x6 with Tunnel Parts

Chiemsee Triathlon | X-GLOO 8x8

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Thrive Snowboards | X-GLOO 5x5 with Canopy and Side Walls

Point de Vente | X-GLOO 4x4 with Canopy

"Line your cooler with Reflectix (aluminized bubble wrap). You can find it at most home improvement stores. It was invented to insulate homes and buildings. Smart campers came up with the idea to use Reflectix to keep the heat out and the cold air in coolers. Cut the Reflectix into pieces that fit, lining the inside of your cooler, including the top/lid. You can even throw a sheet of Reflectix over the outside of your cooler to further insulate it."

GoPro | X-GLOO 6x6 with Canopies and Tunnel Parts

Triathlon DLRG | X-GLOO 6x6

Event Catering | X-GLOO 6x6

Flymaster | X-GLOO 6x6